My Mother My Child

Feel the burden and heartache as a daughter watches her parent become like a child.

My Mother My Child is a close, very personal look into the life of a caregiver. Rejoice as she learns to find joy in the complex, daily demands of such an undertaking. It is the author Susie Adams’ fervent prayer that this book will offer encouragement to the many who are called to care daily for others. It is her hope that all who read the pages of My Mother My Child will come to know more personally the One who gives strength and courage to press on.

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Some Thoughts from the Author

It was not my plan in life to be a caregiver. My Mother My Child is an account of the many challenges and opportunities faced when caring for another person is suddenly your sole responsibility. My children, now grown, had come to me at age 10 and 11. My carefree lifestyle now faced time restraints, personality clashes, finances, healthcare mishaps, relationships with family and others, and a myriad of first-time situations.

However, I was also given an opportunity to provide my mother a childhood she never had. She was always my mother and I loved and respected her as such—she also depended on me as a small child would do her mother.

This book is not meant to be an instruction manual to help in caring for someone. There are volumes available on the practical aspects of elder care. This book is an opportunity for me to relate openly and honestly the struggles and the victories of life with a parent who suddenly becomes your child. My intent is simply to share my heart in hopes that others may relate and perhaps be helped by knowing they are not in this alone.


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About My Mother My Child — 2 Comments

  1. Susie,
    I received your book from my aunt, Diane Miller. Our story is a bit different, yet similar, as I read the emotions you experienced in caring for your mother. What an impactful witnessing of God’s grace in human situations.
    I intend on sharing the book with my college age daughters as they too were caregivers for their grandmother, my mother, who is now in a care facility with Alzheimer’s.
    My siblings and I waited too long to ask questions about our Mother’s past as well. We hope others will read the book with ” time ” left to ask the questions.

    • Deb,
      How thoughtful of you to take time to write. I love and appreciate your Aunt Diana so much.
      Thank you for continuing to share the book.
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