Words of Hope and Encouragement

words of hope and encouragement

We all need words of hope today.

To the gals and guys who get my newsletter—this one’s for you personally! Whether you are parents, child, family, friend, neighbor, or caregiver; I want to share some personal words of hope with you.

Today I want to offer much-needed encouragement.

Whether you are at ease in Zion right now and you have life in hand or you are stretched and stressed to the limit, this one is for you.

Maybe you know me real well and know where I’m going with this column. Perhaps we have never met (yet) and you are ready to quit reading! I know the “I don’t have time for this” feeling! Well, hang on and let’s see where we end up!

You really are important to me.

First, I want you to know you really are important to me as an individual. The very fact that you made time in your busy life to sign up for my newsletter is a blessing! The few minutes you allow reading my ramblings could probably be used in many other ways; I thank you for giving me space in your day.

I pray for you when you leave a personal note.

Secondly, this column is to thank those of you who have taken your precious time to drop me a note. It’s helpful to know what you are dealing with and how an article has helped you in some way. It also gives me direction as I prepare to write each week. I read each one carefully and prayerfully.

You are a caring friend as you share with others.

A special “thank you” goes to you who have forwarded the newsletters on to others in your circle who need encouragement. What a caring friend you must be to be sensitive to the needs of those around you.

Here is the bottom line:

Today I prayed for you—individually, by name or by e-mail address, as I went down my list. I do not know each of you and some I do not recognize by your e-mail addresses. (By the way, some of you are certainly creative in that respect, I could never guess who-or what- you were!)  

For your times of doubt and frustration, I prayed from Proverbs 3:5-6 that God would help you “trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not to your own understanding … “.  

For assurance I prayed for you from John 3:16 that you would remember “for God so loved the world (YOU) that He gave … “. I hope you have learned to personalize God’s Word; put your name in the verse; He wants you to know He loves you!

It was an honor and blessing to pray individually for you today.

How exciting to experience the richness of God’s family working together to care for one another. I challenge you to keep on working, hoping, praying for others as we learn together how to be encouragers in our world.


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5 Ways to Ease the Stress during Holiday Season

October ushers in holiday season: Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas.

I want to help you ease the stress during holiday season. We will consider what is important to you as you deal with traditions, expectations of others, and your own desires.

For many, this can be a sad and stressful time.

Visions of happy holiday gatherings are replaced by the reality of those missing this year. Many caring for parents or family members are wearied by thoughts of added work. Perhaps you are among those considering skipping these preparations all together.

Let me encourage you and alleviate some of that stress.

Consider this simple plan to set the mood for less stress as holiday gatherings approach.  Grab your calendar and we’ll schedule some private time for an honest look at your role in upcoming holidays. (I am serious, get your calendar!) I cannot overstate how important this step is. Before you add any more to your already stretched schedule, you must honestly face your personal needs and wants.

Schedule an appointment with yourself, write it down and be faithful to keep it. On the day of your “appointment” with yourself, here is what you will do.

1. First priority: Consider the true meaning of Thanksgiving.

What can you be thankful for? Your present surroundings? Those you love? Memories of better times? Make a list. If you have to, start your list with fresh air to breathe, sight, a bed or chair for rest. You get the picture.

2. Consider what you personally would like to do this holiday.

Is a big meal important to you or do you continue to do one out of habit or, worse yet–obligation? What does your family need most, your time and attention or all the holiday fixings? Could you bring a dinner from the market or have one catered. How can you best free up your time to treasure your family.

3. Will a family member or friend be missing this year?

Do you still need to deal with that loss before the holidays?  Is there something you could do to honor them in some way? If appropriate, display a photo or keepsake in a prominent place and have a time to share memories; to laugh and cry and express honest feelings. Do you need to make some contacts before the holiday event?

4. Do you feel your home is not ready for company?

Do you have no time or energy to clean? Schedule one room a week to clean and sort.  Stick to the plan–just one room or section of the house at a time. As the holiday approaches your home will shine and so will you. Add simple decorations as you go or choose one area to lavish holiday items on and leave the rest clean and fresh as is. If need be, go back to tip number 1 and remember to be thankful for a home to share.

5. Learn to communicate your feelings with others.

Do you need help to carry out your plan? Let others know that. Are you hesitant to make changes from old traditional habits? Talk to others about it; explain why you need to make changes for all concerned. Show your excitement and positive attitude about the approaching holidays; make even the minimal preparations a celebration.

Philippians 4:4 commands us to rejoice in the Lord always.

Rejoice. Determine from this day forward to proceed with your plan. Keep your focus on your goal. You truly can have the best and most meaningful holiday ever as you train yourself to focus on the positive aspects of the holidays and clear out the negative.


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