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Tips for Visiting Bereaved during Holiday Season

Holidays are a time for food, fun, and families. Sudden death of friend or relative during holidays can cause added stress and confusion as to how to react; what to do. I know you, dear reader. You are a caregiver, either as a mother, family member, or professional. You hurt when others hurt. You are […]


Solve Gift-giving and Help Alzheimer’s Projects

Welcome today my guest blogger, Joyce Ragland, with some exciting news for you! Excitement! Anticipation! Twenty-one super talented, award-winning writers and artists generously donated their talents to make a charity book project. Proceeds from sales of paperback and e-books will benefit Alzheimer’s patients, who have a most difficult journey in their life’s final chapters. Concern […]

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Coping with Family: Too Hot? Too Cold? Help!

Are you ready to turn the heat on? How about the rest of the family? The elderly are often cold, even in summer as the air conditioner or fans blow on them. Now, with winter around the corner, they face another challenge. And, so does the caregiver. You are probably up and busy most of […]

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Losing Ourselves While Caring for Others

As we focus on those we care for; we can lose our own identity. It is easy to lose yourself in caring for others, whether it’s our family, little children, or someone whose health needs demand our attention. We care with our whole hearts; our whole being. This is a big part of who we […]

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Overwhelmed? Overworked? Stressed? Take Five!

Today was one of those days for me; it seemed the more I worked, the further behind I got. Add in family issues, a non-stop flood of calls—each important and urgent, and a growing workload needing immediate attention.  Early in the day I felt stretched to the limit and totally stressed out. The growing list […]

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5 Tips on Communicating with Dementia/Alzheimers Patients

Whether a friend, family or caregiver for a person with dementia or Alzheimers, communication can cause stress and at the very least be awkward and uncomfortable for each of you. While individuals react differently in a given situation, here are some helpful tips to ease tension and hopefully encourage communication opportunities. Consider how confusing and frustrating […]

5 Helps to End Junk Mail and Phone Solicitations

You have stretched your day and your energy as far as possible and  the phone rings. Perhaps you will be able to sit down, spend a few minutes chatting before tending to your caregiving or family responsibilities. You begin to tense as the caller cheerfully greets you like a long-lost friend, then proceeds to offer you some great […]


6 Helps When Consoling the Bereaved

Lately, in my world, it seems every person I meet has recently lost a spouse, parent, child, or close friend or relative. Emotions can be high and reality is often lost in the grief process. We want to help although we know we cannot take the hurt away. As compassionate caregivers, we want to be […]


Safety Tips for Homebound Families

Did you know June is National Safety Month? It is also National Iced Tea Month, National Zoo and Aquarium Month, National Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Month, and … The next few weeks we are going to look at some of these national emphasis months and find ways to celebrate while confined indoors as we explore […]

Are You Helping or Hurting Suddenly Single Friends?

My world is filled with friends and relatives who find themselves suddenly single. Many have died suddenly from accidents or health issues. A surprising number of middle age and older couples have faced the devastation of betrayal or abuse and divorce. I have had opportunity to visit with several this month about what they are […]