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4 Vital Steps in Caring for Others

Each day provides opportunity for error regardless of your situation. Whether you are dealing with a short-term medical issue, a lengthy illness or care of the elderly, you may face seemingly endless moving the patient from home to the hospital, to an extended care facility and hopefully back home. Each move provides opportunity for error […]

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Individualized Music for Dementia and Alzheimer’s Disease

For persons with dementia and its many forms, stress is a very real problem. Concerned family members and caregivers are at a loss to make life better. What is Individualized Music? Recent studies using music therapy–particularly individualized music–have proven that music can play a key role in making life easier. Individualized music is music that […]

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Using Music Therapy in Every Household

Help with fighting stress, loneliness, boredom. For caregivers, consider how terribly long a day must feel when you are confined at home; often alone for extended periods of time. Perhaps you sit in the same chair for hours. Suppose you can hear others talking though not necessarily to you. What will occupy your mind? Think […]


February Tips for Busy Caregivers

Need help keeping up with friends?  Today I received a Valentine card from a sweet friend; a caregiver with far less time than I for what we often call the “extras”. Yet, somehow she knew I would need that touch of encouragement and hug. I have a long list of cards I wish to send; […]

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Portable Assist Cushion versus Lift Chair Option

Being Mother’s caregiver was more complicated as her health deteriorated and her needs constantly changed. I could not be lifting her in and out of a chair several times a day. When I learned a lift chair was not an option, I returned to medical equipment stores for a solution. I was amazed at the […]

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Lift Chair Options for Family Caregivers

Physician’s order for a lift chair.   Mother’s physician wrote an order for a lift chair and we quickly headed for a local medical equipment store. It had been some time since Mother could get out of her chair by herself and the tugging and lifting her was not good for her or for us. I […]

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3 Simple, Doable Resolution Helps for Caregivers

Resolutions are not just about food and exercise. Whether caregiver or busy parent, you may feel you have passed the time of resolving to make changes. After all, been there-done that! And, you may realize there just is no extra time or energy to give to another project. And yet, a new year signifies new […]


Tips for Visiting Bereaved during Holiday Season

Holidays are a time for food, fun, and families. Sudden death of friend or relative during holidays can cause added stress and confusion as to how to react; what to do. I know you, dear reader. You are a caregiver, either as a mother, family member, or professional. You hurt when others hurt. You are […]


Solve Gift-giving and Help Alzheimer’s Projects

Welcome today my guest blogger, Joyce Ragland, with some exciting news for you! Excitement! Anticipation! Twenty-one super talented, award-winning writers and artists generously donated their talents to make a charity book project. Proceeds from sales of paperback and e-books will benefit Alzheimer’s patients, who have a most difficult journey in their life’s final chapters. Concern […]

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Coping with Family: Too Hot? Too Cold? Help!

Are you ready to turn the heat on? How about the rest of the family? The elderly are often cold, even in summer as the air conditioner or fans blow on them. Now, with winter around the corner, they face another challenge. And, so does the caregiver. You are probably up and busy most of […]