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4 Lessons From Caregiver Turned Caree

A very personal story from a new perspective. Over-the-counter medicines were of no avail. September 28 I headed for the local clinic to get help with my congestion. I had no intention of being gone more than an hour or so. Before I knew it, I was in an ambulance on the way to the […]

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5 Keys to Safe, Uncluttered Living Space

Simple solutions to making your home safe for others. As homemakers, we want to keep our home clean and as uncluttered as possible. However, needs change when you begin caring for a loved one; whether in their home or yours. Here are four simple things you can do to make the living space more enjoyable […]

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6 Keys to Easing Strained Relationships

Treasure what you have now; be ready for change. My husband was my greatest encourager during the years we were caring for Mother. He was always ready to help me physically, emotionally, and spiritually. He carefully guided me through each decision but let me make the final call. We had spoiled each other—we enjoyed talking, […]

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Caregiving Help Managing Time and Tasks

Start by doing what is necessary; then do what’s possible; and suddenly you’re doing the impossible. ~ St. Francis of Assisi It is a fact, you cannot do it all. It is true, caring for family is a full-time job; you will never be completely caught up. Let me ask you: If you have a […]

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5 Ways to Really Listen Before Responding

Listening involves more than merely hearing. Those who care for others in any capacity, whether full time or part-time, professional or otherwise, will do well to learn how to listen. With so many diversions at our fingertips, we can have a difficult time focusing our attention toward a single person’s conversation. As we conscientiously put […]

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3 Tips: Coping After the Loss of a Parent

Family caregivers develop a special bond with aging parents. Mother’s death left a big hole in my heart; I miss her terribly. Family caregivers know how the bond grows stronger as you daily meet needs of a loved one. I miss hugging her neck every morning, tucking her in at night, brushing her hair, and […]

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How to Find Support – Why We Need It

Facing Health or Other Issues in Your Family? Caregiver or not, if you are living and breathing, you need or will need support at some time. For starters, is there anything in the following list that has affected your family or friends: Dementia, Alzheimers, Alcohol, Suicide, Death, Chronic Pain, ADHD, Aging Parents, Depression, Gambling, Narcotics, […]

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4 Vital Steps in Caring for Others

Each day provides opportunity for error regardless of your situation. Whether you are dealing with a short-term medical issue, a lengthy illness or care of the elderly, you may face seemingly endless moving the patient from home to the hospital, to an extended care facility and hopefully back home. Each move provides opportunity for error […]

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Individualized Music for Dementia and Alzheimer’s Disease

For persons with dementia and its many forms, stress is a very real problem. Concerned family members and caregivers are at a loss to make life better. What is Individualized Music? Recent studies using music therapy–particularly individualized music–have proven that music can play a key role in making life easier. Individualized music is music that […]

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Using Music Therapy in Every Household

Help with fighting stress, loneliness, boredom. For caregivers, consider how terribly long a day must feel when you are confined at home; often alone for extended periods of time. Perhaps you sit in the same chair for hours. Suppose you can hear others talking though not necessarily to you. What will occupy your mind? Think […]