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5 Ways to Listen With Compassion

          In our hectic, busy world, one of the greatest gifts you can give to your family and others in your care is to listen well. Compassionate listening is an art; it takes practice. It takes patience. It takes time.             Charles Dickens has said: No one is useless in the world who lightens the […]

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Caring for Others: Palliative Care Option

Needless stress can be alleviated as we learn options available. One object of this column is to help caregivers and caring families know about choices available. I was not aware until recently of palliative care; what it meant and who may need it. Perhaps, you also find the term unfamiliar. As we learned last week, […]

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Every Person’s Need to Understand Hospice Care

Every adult, regardless of age or physical condition, will do well to become familiar with hospice care: what it is and what it is not. Family caregivers, professionals, and individuals need to be informed before major decisions have to be made for yourself or a loved one.             Sudden illnesses or accidents can quickly disrupt […]

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Tips on How to Survive Winter’s Stress

Weeks of winter can leave us frozen in our tracks! Caring for self and family can become drudgery instead of blessing. Many of us want to snuggle up in a corner and sleep until spring arrives! Can you relate? It seems impossible to get even menial tasks done when focused on the weather. Stress builds […]

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Holiday Stress Part Two — Tips on Gift Giving

Gift lists can be overwhelming; family, friends, caregivers, others who serve us. Stress occurs when we can’t find ‘just the right’ gift or money is tight. Who do we give gifts to? Is our gift giving really  gift exchange? Do we ever give  out of duty, expectations, or guilt? Each year I listen to shoppers […]


Holiday Stress Part One – Cards and Letters

For my caregiver friends busy with family,  elderly parents and others, does it seem the holiday season landed over night? With it more responsibility is added to our over-filled calendars. Can you relate? Before you stress thinking about extra work,  grab a pen and paper. We’ll spend a few minutes looking at things that bug […]

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Decision Making Helps for Homemakers and Caregivers

Caring for a home and family can be difficult. Mothers and caregivers of all ages seem to have little time to accomplish all that must be done. Decisions have to be made daily that affect the lives of others. Often simple tasks cause stress; keep overwhelmed and feeling we’ll never catch up. Last week I […]

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Tips on Understanding and Coping With Alzheimer’s

  “We all know as Christians, Alzheimer’s is not who mother is, only a disease she has and death is only a moment of lost breath, until she leaves this long journey of life and walks into the presence of God to be eternally healed.” –Debra White             In her book, She Touched My Heart, […]

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Helps, Hope and Hugs—Because I Care

To the gals and guys who get my newsletter—this one’s for you personally! Whether you are parents, child, family, friend, neighbor, or caregiver; I want to share something personal with you. Whether you are at ease in Zion right now and you have life in hand or you are stretched and stressed to the limit, […]

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5 Tips in Facing Holiday Gatherings with Confidence and Less Stress

Holidays are approaching all too quickly. Visions of hungry families gathered for that first bite of Thanksgiving turkey and pumpkin pie are flashed before us everywhere we look. Critters outside are gathering nuts as they tumble to the ground. For many of us, visions of happy holiday gatherings are replaced by stress and realities of […]