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Healthy Snack Options for the Holidays

‘Tis the season for holiday treats. Caring for family and others can get complicated as you work to provide healthy alternatives when the focus seems to be on elaborate, calorie-laden foods. Here are some ideas for trimming calories and sugar while still providing ready-to-eat snacks. With careful shopping and a little planning ahead, you can […]


Tips for Visiting Bereaved during Holiday Season

Holidays are a time for food, fun, and families. Sudden death of friend or relative during holidays can cause added stress and confusion as to how to react; what to do. I know you, dear reader. You are a caregiver, either as a mother, family member, or professional. You hurt when others hurt. You are […]


Caregivers: Giving Thanks in Stressful Times

Thanksgiving is a time to pause, enjoy family, and give thanks. For caregivers, families going through trying times, elderly and others, it can be difficult to see past the stress and count blessings. Plans can change quickly, without warning. A family going through trying times this week reminded me of the many reasons I have […]

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November is National Family Caregiver Month

Most family caregivers hold down regular jobs as well. Three out of four family caregivers who care for someone over the age of 18 either work now or have been working while providing care. Two thirds have had to either give up their jobs or have made adjustments to their work life. One in five […]


Tips for Handling Grief during the Holidays

Dealing with death of loved one and holidays. Holidays are difficult for those who have lost loved ones. It becomes especially difficult to celebrate with family and friends when the loss is someone close, a parent, grandparent, spouse or child. Adding to the difficulty is those feelings of “if only …” or “I wish I […]


Solve Gift-giving and Help Alzheimer’s Projects

Welcome today my guest blogger, Joyce Ragland, with some exciting news for you! Excitement! Anticipation! Twenty-one super talented, award-winning writers and artists generously donated their talents to make a charity book project. Proceeds from sales of paperback and e-books will benefit Alzheimer’s patients, who have a most difficult journey in their life’s final chapters. Concern […]


Zesty Italian Stew in the Crock Pot

The air is crisp outside; winds are blowing in some cooler weather; leaves are falling all around us. I feel the need to put on a big pot of stew for my family and those I care for. Tired of the old standby: beef stew with potatoes, carrots, onions, and celery? Try this great Italian […]

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Coping with Family: Too Hot? Too Cold? Help!

Are you ready to turn the heat on? How about the rest of the family? The elderly are often cold, even in summer as the air conditioner or fans blow on them. Now, with winter around the corner, they face another challenge. And, so does the caregiver. You are probably up and busy most of […]

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9 Tips for Siblings Caring for Parents

What makes a family caregiver? Training? Experience? Need? Probably all of the above at one time or another. Many become caregivers because someone in the family, quite often an elderly parent has a need and we are the likely ones called upon to meet it. If you missed last week’s article, click here for more […]

The Dilemma of Siblings Sharing Parental Care

What if you are not the only child providing care? Family caregivers face many daily challenges. These are compounded when several children are working together to provide care for aging parents. This scenario gets particularly complicated when none of the children live with the parents full time. Let’s explore a situation where three sisters are […]