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Caring Enough to Bring Springtime Inside

Entering a friend’s room in a care facility, I cheerfully clutched my fresh-picked daffodil bouquet. The sweet lady in bed was not able to go outside and enjoy the magnificence of springtime’s arrival and I was sure my small gift would brighten her drab room. I was in complete awe as I entered her room; […]

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5 Ways to Listen With Compassion

          In our hectic, busy world, one of the greatest gifts you can give to your family and others in your care is to listen well. Compassionate listening is an art; it takes practice. It takes patience. It takes time.             Charles Dickens has said: No one is useless in the world who lightens the […]

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Too Busy or Tired to Celebrate Spring?

Spring has arrived! The sunshine is brighter; the grasses are splashing vivid greens over the barren soil; the birds can’t contain their excitement as they explore new food sources. I want to rush out and take it all in. Winter has been long, dreary, and tiring. Have thoughts of spring and new life awakened a […]


5 Caregiving Lessons from Moms and Grannies

This morning at a meeting, I observed some of the greatest caregivers ever. Watching them I realize afresh, caregiving IS caring, period. A caregiver is a person of any age who takes time to care for those in their family or their sphere of influence. I was in a planning meeting today with a group […]

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Life Changing Value of a Caring Smile

This week I learned of my brother’s good example of caring for others and offering encouragement. I think he was as surprised as I that his simple acts of kindness meant so much to others. We were leaving a gospel concert when an enthusiastic lady practically jumped into his arms. The two of them hugged, […]


Finding Balance and Counting Blessings

Although tiring and often challenging, most days of caregiving are filled with rewards and blessings. There are times, however, when the stress and routine of the job seem to win. Can you relate? The most menial tasks have suddenly become overwhelming. It has been a major struggle to care for yourself let alone others. Grumbling […]

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Caring for Others: Palliative Care Option

Needless stress can be alleviated as we learn options available. One object of this column is to help caregivers and caring families know about choices available. I was not aware until recently of palliative care; what it meant and who may need it. Perhaps, you also find the term unfamiliar. As we learned last week, […]

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Every Person’s Need to Understand Hospice Care

Every adult, regardless of age or physical condition, will do well to become familiar with hospice care: what it is and what it is not. Family caregivers, professionals, and individuals need to be informed before major decisions have to be made for yourself or a loved one.             Sudden illnesses or accidents can quickly disrupt […]

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Tips on How to Survive Winter’s Stress

Weeks of winter can leave us frozen in our tracks! Caring for self and family can become drudgery instead of blessing. Many of us want to snuggle up in a corner and sleep until spring arrives! Can you relate? It seems impossible to get even menial tasks done when focused on the weather. Stress builds […]

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5 Problem Solving Helps When Caring for Others

Anna is primary caregiver for her mother and stretched to the max keeping up with work, family, and life. She is somewhat relieved that her ailing mother is now in a good extended care facility; and they keep her informed of any changes in her mother’s physical condition or her care. Or, so she thought. […]