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9 Tips for Siblings Caring for Parents

What makes a family caregiver? Training? Experience? Need? Probably all of the above at one time or another. Many become caregivers because someone in the family, quite often an elderly parent has a need and we are the likely ones called upon to meet it. If you missed last week’s article, click here for more […]

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The Dilemma of Siblings Sharing Parental Care

What if you are not the only child providing care? Family caregivers face many daily challenges. These are compounded when several children are working together to provide care for aging parents. This scenario gets particularly complicated when none of the children live with the parents full time. Let’s explore a situation where three sisters are […]

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Time Saving Tips for Using and Storing Tomatoes

Tips for using and not wasting fresh produce.  A wonderful neighbor brought us a huge bag of beautiful, home-grown tomatoes. That same day my daughter and I had purchased a 25# box of ripe tomatoes at the Mennonite Market. On our way home, a text reminded me I needed to pick up 20# I had […]

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Losing Ourselves While Caring for Others

As we focus on those we care for; we can lose our own identity. It is easy to lose yourself in caring for others, whether it’s our family, little children, or someone whose health needs demand our attention. We care with our whole hearts; our whole being. This is a big part of who we […]

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Safe Place to Share and to Learn

Where you can go now to get information and share information. As we look at statistics about caregivers and who they are, think about your own situation or someone you know who is caring for someone on a regular basis. Where do you go for help? Who will understand? I want to share a great […]

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A Personal Note of Encouragement and Love

When your schedule is overwhelming, stop and bless someone’s day. I took time to realistically look at my calendar and my work schedule this week; they will never match up. I thought of all the correspondence I was going to write; all the cabinets I wanted to clean; all the little extras I planned to […]

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Overwhelmed? Overworked? Stressed? Take Five!

Today was one of those days for me; it seemed the more I worked, the further behind I got. Add in family issues, a non-stop flood of calls—each important and urgent, and a growing workload needing immediate attention.  Early in the day I felt stretched to the limit and totally stressed out. The growing list […]

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Quick, Easy, Nutritious Summer Salad

Busy homemaker and caregiver schedules often give little time for planning meals let alone dishes to take to others. Yet summer is a time for family picnics, potlucks and company coming in for meals. Unless you are prepared in advance, this could create more stress on your time and energy. The solution–plan ahead. First, dig […]

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5 Tips on Communicating with Dementia/Alzheimers Patients

Whether a friend, family or caregiver for a person with dementia or Alzheimers, communication can cause stress and at the very least be awkward and uncomfortable for each of you. While individuals react differently in a given situation, here are some helpful tips to ease tension and hopefully encourage communication opportunities. Consider how confusing and frustrating […]

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5 Helps to End Junk Mail and Phone Solicitations

You have stretched your day and your energy as far as possible and  the phone rings. Perhaps you will be able to sit down, spend a few minutes chatting before tending to your caregiving or family responsibilities. You begin to tense as the caller cheerfully greets you like a long-lost friend, then proceeds to offer you some great […]