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Caregiver Alert: A Little Happy Goes a Long Way

Today, let us count some happy! We are bombarded with heavy news: he said, she said, they did …! We need encouragement. I am gonna get outa this rut and find some happy. I promise, p-r-o-m-i-s-e, you will find some happy too! Five reasons to be happy today. #1 I’m happy because I can read. […]

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Caregiving Help Managing Time and Tasks

Start by doing what is necessary; then do what’s possible; and suddenly you’re doing the impossible. ~ St. Francis of Assisi It is a fact, you cannot do it all. It is true, caring for family is a full-time job; you will never be completely caught up. Let me ask you: If you have a […]


Summer Grilling Ideas for Winter’s Menu

Meats cooked on the grill offer an inviting change to the often plain menu for those in our care. When the snow flies and grills have been tucked away, we will miss those distinct aromas and flavors. Or, will we? Learn how, with little effort, foods can be frozen and kept to enhance winter’s menu. […]

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A Dose of Laughter is Good Medicine

Caring for family may mean creating your own sunshine! “Good morning, Sunshine! Are you sunshiny this morning? It’s a new day…wake up– let’s you and me go cheer up the world! We got one fun day ahead of us, are you ready? Move ‘em, Mommy, move ‘em!” My happy voice and spring in my step […]


5 Simple Helps to Brighten Your Workday

Has Long Winter become Stressful Summer with no end in sight? Whether you are a parent, or caring for family or friend, or full-time caregiver; it is quite often difficult work, filled with daily challenges. It can take all the energies and resources you seem to have available and then some. It changes priorities, ties […]

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Caregiver Hope: Yearning for Greener Grass?

Help, I’m drowning! “…is your life full of difficulties and temptations? Then be happy, for when the way is rough, your patience has a chance to grow. So let it grow…when your patience is finally in full bloom, then you will be ready for anything, strong in character, full and complete.” (James 1:2-4, TLB) Okay, […]


3 Things to Know Before Using Ground Turkey

Is ground turkey really a better choice for your family? With beef prices rising, many families today are having to make choices and substitutions in their favorite traditional recipes. If you use a lot of ground meat, you may be considering ground turkey, especially the white meat. When seasoned well, turkey is a great substitute […]


You Can Write While Caregiving

Caring for Your Loved One You are busy caring for your loved one and someone casually offers a little advice: “you need to be writing your caregiving experiences down.” Have you been there? You would like to tell others your experiences and hopefully be an encouragement. However, right now, daily survival seems to be the […]

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3 Tips: Coping After the Loss of a Parent

Family caregivers develop a special bond with aging parents. Mother’s death left a big hole in my heart; I miss her terribly. Family caregivers know how the bond grows stronger as you daily meet needs of a loved one. I miss hugging her neck every morning, tucking her in at night, brushing her hair, and […]


Tips on Offering Hope Caregiver to Caregiver

Are you an exhausted mom, family caregiver, health care provider? “Because the Lord is my Shepherd, I have everything I need! He lets me rest in the meadow grass and leads me beside the quiet streams. He gives me new strength. He  helps me do what honors him the most.” (Psalm 23:1-3 TLB) Does it seem […]