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8 Reasons to Celebrate National Coloring Book Day — 6 Comments

  1. I love doing this. When I begin to feel low, I pick up my coloring book and relax. Soon I will back to my OLD self. Or as your Mister says, getting into trouble.
    Excited about your new book.
    Love You

  2. June, you are so right. Sometimes coloring is like tuning up our car; just runs better! Continued prayers on the new book; coming along; slower than I wanted but making progress! Excited!
    Thanks for posting.

  3. My new book is coming along great; keep praying. I have the coloring pages ready for comments on the back and a few more activity pages to develop. It will be a color/activity book for children/young adult. I am so excited! Keep praying; supposed to go to publisher by October.

  4. Cheryl, no, it isn’t. However, I remain excited about the possibilities of getting it out before Christmas. I am re-writing part of it. (Hint: what Patches has to say!)

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