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Praise for my book entitled MY MOTHER MY CHILD came first from my personal physician.  Dr. Tedrow wrote the back matter for the book. He has encouraged me to do all I can to get the book taught to healthcare personnel.  My mother’s personal physician, Dr. Evans, worked with Dr. Tedrow in critiquing the manuscript on a chapter called “Healthcare Heartaches”. I am deeply indebted to each of them for taking time from their busy schedules. Their encouragement has meant much to me as I finished the book.

My Mother My Child is an inspirational account of the love a daughter has for her mother. Susie has written a heartfelt story of her experience and emotions during her mother’s illness and death. I’m sure that this book will comfort people in similar situations. It should remind healthcare providers to care for each person as if they were our family member. Susie’s experience tells us that, even with our medical training, modern facilities and technology, we can’t provide the same kind of loving care that a family member can. She reminds us how important it is for families to stay involved. Most of all, Susie shows us that God is with us during each breath, touch and hug.

Jeffrey Tedrow, MD, FAAFP Medical Director, Parkview Health Care Facility

What was to be a short visit from my mother turned into eight years of her being in our home (or hospital or some care facility for a short period of time). I knew God had told me to write the book and I immediately began taking notes. These notes, often jotted down on a soiled napkin, became my manuscript as I carefully typed page after page.

Mother was gone on to heaven for a year before the book came out. I’m sure she would have been shocked, and maybe not too happy to know she was the subject of a book. However, she should be pleased as she is honored, respected, and able to help others through her story even now. I thank God for this.


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